Why hot yoga ?


The heat means a greater intensity and detoxification than a standard Pilates session. Pilates uses core strength exercise as it’s foundation so its great for toning. The Six Pilates Principles include Breath, Centring, Control, Flow, Precision, and Concentration.



A stretch class in the heat specifically aimed towards active people and athletes.  Focusing on the stretches that we neglect after training sessions.  This class is also suitable for anyone who wishes to come and just improve flexibility and mobility.Type your paragraph here.


Hot flow and involves the technique of connecting postures into different sequences. This class emphasizes matching breath to movement. This class is designed to help develop strength, improve flexibility and balance and to reduce stress. Appropriate for all as modifications will be given. This class is HOT.


It’s the perfect combination of heat and an all over deep stretch. Our friendly instructors guide you through each pose adjusting your alignment and posture when necessary to ensure you get the most out of every class. This class is open to all levels.

Hot yoga classes end with a relaxing head massage during the savasana 


Release yourself for the stresses of the week and float your way into the weekend with this gentle mat based yoga class. Supported by bolster's in candle light soothing postures and massage