Why hot yoga ?

Being aware of a few simple etiquette guidelines to ensure that all practitioners enjoy the best experience during their time at HotBox Yoga. Yoga is a practise of respect, for yourself and others, and we ask that you extend this respect to your fellow yogis by adhering to the following guidelines

Towels - Please place a towel on top of your mat before you begin your Hot Yoga practise, this will prevent slipping as well as protect the mats from intense wear and tear.

water - Please drink water throughout your class, and please keep hydrated after your class 

Personal hygiene - please take care of personal hygiene before your class 

Time - Please arrive 5 minutes before your class to get settled 

Cancelling classes - Please allow 4 hours prior to your class for any cancelation or you would be charged for your class , this gives us time to allow people on the waiting list an opportunity  to fill the mat. 

Respect your practice , respect other yogis , respect your teacher ....... smile and have fun 

Namaste - Every yoga class around the world, regardless of discipline, ends when the teacher says ‘Namaste’ to which the students will reply ‘Namaste’. Namaste has a variety of translation and meanings but all of them convey the essence of mutual respect, between teacher and student. A widely accepted translation of Namaste is ‘I bow to the divine light within you’. Please show your respect to your teacher, your fellow yogis and to the tradition of yoga by staying on your mat in relaxation at the end of class until your teacher has said Namaste and you have responded in kind.